Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hey yall,
I have some exciting news. Me and Chris are engaged!!! We were in Maryland for labor day weekend with his family and he asked me. It was Saturday the 5Th. We were at assateague island, which have wild horses running wild on it. I had told Chris that I want pictures with the horses, and me and his sister were walking up the beach looking for shells and we saw a whole group of them. So we when back to get the guys so me and Chris could get some pictures. Anyways we got them out of the water and the boys were like we have to go to the bathroom. I was like "No we are going to miss them," but Chris was like we will be right back. So we waited for them to get back and the horses were almost in front of us. So the whole family and us walked to take pictures. Me and Chris got in front of the horses and took like two pictures. Then Chris pulled me very closely and started talking into my ear. The only thing that i felt was him shaking, and the only thing that came to my mind was "why was shaking, was he scared of horses. That is when he told me that he loved me and he knew that we had not be together that long, but he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me........ that is when he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. My mouth dropped to the ground. I was shocked. His friend got pictures of him asking me and everything. We got some great shots. I would have to say this was the best vacation that I had ever been on. So I became a fiance this past weekend!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Here the feeling come

OK so I am writing another one, but it is like 11 p.m and Chris has already when to sleep. But I am watching music videos about marines and things. All I want to do is cry... which I am. But I really don't want to be with out Chris. My feelings for him is like no other. I just love everything about him. I will always be here for him no matter. I really hope notting happens while he is gone. Gosh tears just keep falling down my face. I cant stop I really don't know how i am going to be able to deal with day he gets on that bus and waves goodbye and not seeing him for 7 months. Chris will probably have to change shirts because I will soak that one he has on. He is everything I could ever ask god for. It scares me sometimes, because god has gave him to me I just don't want him to take Chris away from me. Well I need to go to bed because I have school in the a.m

You get me the ring!!

Another day yall. I have been very busy and tired from going to school and working everyday. So here is the up date. Last weekend was Chris's first weekend home from fort Pickett training. We had one of the best weekends ever. He told my mom about us getting married and we when and looked at rings!!! I am SOOOOO excited about become his wife. I am soo sure this is where I am meant to be in my life. Things are just going together the way I want them to go. Anyways this past weekend Chris slipped and told me that he got me a RING!!! He didn't mean to but ooh well. I still don't know how he will do it or when. But knowing that he got the Ring just feels great! I know that I was going to be with him when I first met him. We just click and IT WAS ON!! So I was laying in bed just now and thinking to my self. I am a very Lucky girl. I have one of the finest in America about to ask me to marry him. He is anything I have ever wanted. But as I lay here I think about how hard it is going to be for us while he is away. As I think about this I really just want to cry. I don't want to be away from him at all. On top of me feeling like this I just got a text from Chris and it is SOOOOOO SWEET!!

Text : My misty Gail words wont ever be able to describe the love that I have for you. You are sourly the best girl I could ever ask for. Your a great person overall but as a girlfriend and soon to be fiance makes you so much better. With you I always know ill have someone to talk to and to listen to me. And ill always have someone to hold and kiss and love me. I know that you will always be there for me and you will be there supporting me though the roughest of times. You are the one for me misty and I promise that I will always be 100 percent committed to you. and i will support you with whatever it is that you are doing. Ill stick by your side though it all and ill always be there to pick you up when you are down. I don't know why we found each other but for whatever reason I'm not letting you go. Ill love you thought it all. I'm happily your misty Gail forever and always. I love you wifey, goodnight!

Is that not one of the sweetest text message you have read, aww I love him so much and I am so happy he is in my life... why am i tell you this. I need to text him back!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Movies on a Tuseday night

So last night, Me and some of my friends when to see a movie. We were going to see The Proposal, well i told chris what i was doing and he said that we sould go see Bruno. Chris said that it was funny and that we need to see it. So we agree to see Bruno. Well I am not sure how they even allow that movie in the theaters. Within the first 5 mintures one family got up and left. It was gay porm.. almost. It shows Everything and it is with 2 guys the whole time. We all were like what the hell. There were some funny parts.. yea, but I would not wasted my money on this movie ever again. We should had when and seen The proposal. So now I am not listening to my boyfriend ever again on movies.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

All about Me and Chris

Hey yall,
My name is Misty and my marine, love of my life is Chris. We have been dating for 3 months. On the 29 it will be 4 months. We are crazy about each other, and we both know that this was meant to be. On story is different from many. Chris is from New Jersey, and I am from North Carolina. So how in the world did we met up. Well we were both at Myrtle beach with our friends on the weekend of the 27-29Th of march. That Sunday me and my girls were heading home. Well this car of guys got beside us on the highway and we rode for like 40 Min's like that. We would be looking at the them in the car and they were doing the same thing. Well we had to get gas so we pull in front of the guys to try to get them to pull over with us so we could talk to them. But like guys they didn't get the hint and kept driving down the road. So we get gas and stuff and we figure ooh well who cares. So we get back on the road to go home. About 10 or so Min's we are driving down the highway and all of sudden this car comes out of nowhere and GUESS WHAT it was the guys. How weird is that. So the driver get on my side (Chris) and gets my number so he calls and tells us to follow them and we would stop and get something to eat. So we go 1 1/2 hours out of our way to go back to Jacksonville NC. We finally get to apple bees and talk to them. So me and Chris got each others number and my girls got 2 guys numbers to. From the moment that we got each other numbers to now. We never stop talking at all. The first week we stayed up talking at night and we talked all day. I fell in love with him after a week. I know that is soon but he is unlike any guy that I have ever met. He is kind, sweet, caring and everything that I have never found in a guy. So now we are everything to each other.